2014 Organic Garden!!

This write-up will be very short and I encourage you to go and read a post I previously put up titled Eating Organics, it covers the importance of this issue and why I like having my own garden each year.  You can click HERE to see that video and read the post.

This year’s garden is bigger than my previous garden although it was just planted not to long ago; I am hoping for a big harvest all summer with lots of canning for over the winter months.

photo-9Box Garden

A goal of mine this year is to have the ability to make a salad for lunch each day with a nice mixture of lettuce, peppers, tomato, kale, and broccoli.  All the hard work you put into a garden not only saves a ton of money, but it always just tastes better when you grow and prepare it yourself and you know it is healthy for you.

photo-10Traditional Garden

As you can see it is a young garden and maybe I will update this post later in the summer when it has matured and let you know how we make out with my salads and our crops for canning.

A garden is also a great opportunity to bond with your kids (if you have any) and teach them the values of hard work and self-reliance.  I also find it relaxing to work in a garden after a long day of training athletes in a loud weight room.

Remember the value of nutrition and what you eat.  It really will define your over all health and training gains.

Hope this helps!

To your health,


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