8 Count Body Builders

This is called 8 Count Body Builders because it is exactly eight distinct movements that are involved to execute this sequence of exercises.  In the video, I purposely paused at each position in the first two rounds and then went at speed in the third round.  Here are the eight movements:

  1. Drop down and place hands on the floor
  2. Put weight on your hands and kick your feet straight back
  3. Maintain position and spread legs apart
  4. Explosively bring legs back together
  5. Lower body into down position of a push-up
  6. Finish the push-up
  7. Bring feet back up to the hands
  8. Explode straight up into a jump

I learned this exercise from a strength coach who was once in the military and he told me they would do this exercise for conditioning when they could not go out and run.  I am not sure if the military still does this conditioning but it does work.  Learn the movements and then try to do them as fast as you can while still maintaining good form.  I will have my athletes and clients do 10 of them continuously as fast as they can with 1 minute rest periods.  I will run multiple sets depending on their level of conditioning.  If you are not in very good shape just try to complete 3-5 of them and rest for 1-2 minutes then repeat.

What I really love about these is that you can do them just about anywhere and you require no equipment.  This is a great sequence of body weight exercises to do if you are traveling.  You can do them right the privacy of your hotel room.  8 Count Body Builders are also great for accomplishing some of your challenging fat loss goals.  If done with a good demanding intensity, you will really boost up your metabolism and help burn off a large amount of calories post exercise and it won’t have to be a long drawn out workout.

Give it a try and let me know what you think.  You will thank me when you drop down a pants size!!

To your health,


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5 Responses to “8 Count Body Builders”

  1. Looks like some great moves….

  2. The military has actually stopped using the Scissor portion (counts 5 & 6) due to issues with recruits injuring their knees. they did however reinstate 8 counts after a short time replacing the scissor motion with “mountain climbers” to reduce lateral stress on the knees. I remember doing these in great lakes in 2000 and yeah they could whip you quick.

  3. you are actually to spread your legs after you do the push up. You just have it a bit backwards.

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