Circuit Training By Aleyda (6 Years Old)

Aleyda Shreck is a circuit training BEAST!  OK, yes she is my kid and I am a little biased.  There is something to be said about what you see in the video and some points I hope to make in this post about youth training in today’s world.  Before I get to that, I would like to explain how this video came about.

It’s Saturday morning and I just finished training the women’s rowing team in the weight room and my wife brought in our daughter Aleyda.  My wife was going running so she left her with me and I was getting in a workout before going home for the day.  Now my daughter has literally grown up in and around the gym, so for her this is great because the gym is like a giant play ground for her.  As I was working out I was watching her set things up and I asked what she was doing.  Her reply, “I’m setting up my own workout”.  I had my flip cam handy and grabbed it quick just has she started and IMG_0941recorded her workout.  I thought she did pretty good for not be coached or told what to do.

Aleyda is a very active little 6-year-old and loves to try to workout right along side her mom or me when we are working out.  For her it is fun and not something she dreads doing.  She actually asks if we are going to workout and begs to go along with us to the gym.  Not many kids now days seem to be like this.  Most would rather lie around and watch TV or play on their iPod or video games.   Obviously, my wife (Trina) and I are active adults who regularly workout and I believe this is a good environment for youth growing up to see.

I want to be clear, I am not saying you are a bad parent if you do not take your kids to the gym or make them lift weights.  But I do think that a good portion of our society needs to step up and get their kids more active and that does not necessarily mean lifting weights.  While on the subject, yes I believe kids can lift weights at young ages, but you need to be smart about it and let it be more fun.  Teach them body weight exercises, encourage them to play games where they have to move their bodies, or heck just take them to the play ground and let them play.  Play is a good thing and needs to be done more with our youth.  I honestly think that if kids were much more active on a daily basis there would be less medications needed because they can’t stay focused or they are over-hyper, or any other crappy line I have heard.  Let’s face it folks, obesity in our youth is getting out of control and it is the PARENTS RESPONSIBILITY to take control and raise their children properly with a good diet and activity.  Remember, “you are what you eat”, so if you eat fast food a few nights a week; what do you think is going to happen?  This is not rocket science!  OK, I am going to get off my rant now and get back to a positive and that was Aleyda’s workout.

The following is her circuit training workout that she did about 6 times, then set up a few other exercises, and finished playing with a tennis ball.

  • Hammer Strength Leg Press 10 reps
  • Blob Counter Clockwise Farmers Walk x 10 Circles
  • Forward Roll x 1
  • 20 lb D-Ball Clockwise Farmers Walk x 10 Circles
  • 2 Hand Kettle Bell Swing 10 reps
  • Ab Wheel Rollout Work
  • Tennis Ball Vertical Throw x 1
  • Single/Double Leg Cone Hops
  • Stanley Cup Teddy Bear Raise!!!

I know some people will stumble across this post and think that this should not have been posted on this site and if that is the case, then you missed the point.  Either way, I am very proud of my daughter and am extremely thankful that she is active and loves to play.  If you have children then you know what I mean.  If you don’t, please remember what your responsibilities are as a parent should a child be blessed upon you.

Hope that helps.

To your health,


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About Jerry Shreck

Division 1 Head Strength Coach at Bucknell University, Specialize In The Art of Injury Prevention Training Techniques God Loving Family Man (Wife-Trina & 2 daughters-Alexis & Aleyda)

11 Responses to “Circuit Training By Aleyda (6 Years Old)”

  1. Rex Trobridge, CSCS Reply February 18, 2013 at 2:42 PM

    Great stuff! It’s the way we SHOULD train kids! Roll simple equipment out there and turn them loose. Just get them moving and having fun! Loved the kettlebell! Jumping on BOSU’s is great too – teaches jumping form and accurate and balanced stick landing techniques. We don’t even have to tell them that they’re doing plyometrics!

  2. Don’t forget about the leg press and the barefoot training!

  3. Cute “beast”! She’ll be juggling Atlas stones before long. -JIMBO

  4. I could not agree with you more about the state/shape of our nation’s youth and that they need to get active. I am a high school coach as well as the owner of my own training business. I wish I could count the times that my own children set up a “workout” circuit at practices. It is great that your daughter took the time to train, but also have FUN.

  5. I love her!!! This is awesome!

  6. Love it! You should be very proud. Glad you shared this. I use to teach elementary PE before I moved to the HS level. More of our young kids should perform these activities! What a foundation of strength, balance, and coordination they would have by the time they were in middle school.

    • Mike,
      I am proud of her. I do see the majority of our youth heading in a bad direction at very young ages. I really believe it starts with the parents. Thank you for the comments.

  7. So awesome!! She uses more KB weight than my high school athletes! She rocks!

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