Field Hockey Workout

Field hockey is a sport which requires a moderate amount of endurance, especially in a semi-bent over athletic position.  Over the last few weeks; I have been running my field hockey team through a series of mini endurance type of workouts.  These workouts are designed to raise their work capacity but also challenge them not only physically but mentally.

7738581-bloemfontein-south-africa--august-7-2010--action-during-an-annual-women-s-field-hockey-match-betweenThe workout seen in the video accomplished both of these at the same time.  There were only three exercises but when repeated in a circuit style approach over a five minute span; they become very taxing on the athlete.  Oxygen debt and muscle fatigue, which result in “burning” muscles quickly sets in.  An athlete’s mental toughness will quickly present itself.

The team was divided in half, with one half of the team always resting while the other half competed.  That’s right this was a competition!  Make something competitive and athletes work harder.  Every time they completed a circuit they got a point.  The circuit was 10 body weight touch squats to a D-Ball, then push a 45 lb plate across the weight room, and finally do 20 speed jacks (jumping jack done quickly and the hands must touch above the head).  They had 5 minutes to accumulate as many points as they could.  The girls resting kept track of the girls competing.  At the end of 5 minutes, the girls resting now got to compete and the others got to rest.  We did this for two full rounds for both groups.

After the workout was completed and the points added up; the 5 athletes with the fewest points had to do a fun challenge that the rest of the team came up with.  These are fun and a good way to reward the team for challenging themselves and working hard.

This workout, although not long, is demanding on the body and mind.  Give it a go and really try to push yourself.  You may just find out the 5 minutes feels like 10 minutes!  Repeating the whole thing again 5 minutes later makes it feel like 20 minutes!!

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8 Responses to “Field Hockey Workout”

  1. How often should these be done? 3 times a week?

    • Richard,
      Thanks for the comment and no you would not do this workout three times a week. This was a challenge workout that I did with the team. During that phase, I was doing two challenge workouts a week with a more traditional weight training day on the third day.

  2. Hey Jerry. Great workout here. I would like to attempt something similar with our girls field hockey team. Unfortunately I don’t have the space in the weight room to do the plate push. Is there a safe way to make the plates slide on a gymnasium floor, obviously without damaging the wood? Or some alternative? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

    • Mike,
      Yes, Although I have not done this, I think you could put a heavy duty towel under the plate to push across a gym floor. I have seen push and drag sleds to be used across gym floors with a chunk of carpet laid down under the sled before. My recommendation is to test it off to the side before running any athletes across the main floor. Hope that helps!
      PS-Let us know if you try either and if it worked out ok for you.

    • I have used a heavy gauge cardboard box cut to fit the plates for outdoor and gymnasium sliding of plates. It works nicely as a cheap sled. Towels work excellent to; especially, for those sled pull exercises on hardwood.

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