Kettlebell Circuit Training

Circuit training for conditioning and fat loss is huge and doing it with weight just makes it that more productive.  What I mean when saying circuit training is doing one exercise and then follow it up with another exercise with little to no rest.  That does not mean a circuit could not be defined by a set rest period between exercises; it can.  The point is that you are changing the exercises.  The less rest or heavier weight between exercises typically equals higher intensity.

This type of training can be done many ways such as body weight, barbells, dumbbells, sandbags, machines, or as demonstrated in this video with kettlebells.  Combinations of of all these can make for unlimited possibilities.  The kettlebell is a tool I like to use because of the smooth transitions you can do going from exercise to exercise.

This circuit in the video is very demanding and might not be for a beginner to kettlebells.  I would suggest you learn each exercise first and then work on combinations.  These are challenging and fun.  You will be able to feel how productive this circuit is the first time you try it.  Give it a shot and let me know what you think.

Double KB Swing 5-10 reps

Double KB Swing Clean-To-Front Squat-To-Push Press 5-10 reps

One Arm KB Snatch (hold onto the other kettlebell) Left/Right 5-10 reps

Alternating KB Cleans 6-10 reps

Finish with another set of Double KB Swing for 5-10 reps or for time 30sec-1minute

Rest for a set period of time typically 30sec-2minutes and repeat.

You could easily make modifications to the circuit if you wanted to do this whole circuit with just one kettlebell.

I hope you enjoyed this circuit and I will continue to post up more conditioning and fat loss type of workouts as I have been getting a lot of requests for them lately.

To your health,


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