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Extreme Ab & Arm Wheel Review

This is Coach Shreck’s review about the Extreme Arm and Ab Roller. This is a new training device that many strength coaches and athletes will be interested in.

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Stability Ball Leg Raise

The stability ball leg raise will require not only stabilization and coordination but will engage many muscles of the mid-torso region.

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Banded Partner Core Twist

Lacrosse athletes performing banded partner core twists. This hits concentric and eccentric contractions of the core musculature.

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Banded Anti-Rotation Sit-Up

The Anti-Rotation Sit-Up is just an example of some of the types of exercises that are found in “The Athlete’s Complete Guide To Core Training”.

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Stability Ball ABC’s For The Core

Stability Ball ABC’s takes stabilization to strengthen the mid-section to the next level. This exercise will also work the stabilizers of the shoulder girdle. This is a filming session for CCN Channel 8 News.

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Fit For All Ball Core Workout System

Coach Shreck giving a Product Review of the Spheerz Core Workout System. These are similar to ab rollout wheels except they are independently movable balls that really target the core and stabilizing muscles.

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