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2011 Strength Coach Strongman at Juniata College

These are clips from the 2011 Strongest Strength Coach Strongman Competition which was held at Juniata College during the PA State Strength & Conditioning Conference. Watch Coach Shreck stumble at the end of the video. The event was run by Jedd Johnson from Diesel Crew.

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Homemade Light Weight Mace/Heavy Indian Club Part II

This is Part II of the video I posted recently in which I made an indian club with a plastic bat, sand, and gap filler. This piece of homemade equipment cost me almost nothing and has already been a useful and productive training tool. My shoulders have really been feeling good by using it. Check […]

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Homemade Light Weight Mace/Heavy Indian Club

I just uploaded this video of how to make a training tool that I think will work out very well for shoulder mobilization and increased range of motion. It could be labeled as a light weight mace (usually maces are much heavier) or it could be classified a mid to heavy range indian club. I […]

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