Tire Sled Dragging

I told two of my wrestlers to make sure they had their sneakers on for the morning workout because we were going to go for a walk.  I just did not tell them they were each going to take a plate loaded tire sled with them.  These two wrestlers did not back away from the thought of going through this workout at all.  See they are training with me all summer to be successful this season; but their ultimate goal is to qualify to go to the NCAA national championships.  This workout was brutal and I caught it on tape!

The entire workout lasted 1 hour and 20 minutes.  I did want them to be physically spent but my main objective was to make them focus on the ultimate goal no matter what was asked of them.  See wrestling is a tough sport but to compete at the Division I level in college is no joke and to get to the big show takes not only physical dedication but a lot of mental toughness and focus.  As a strength coach you not only train athletes to become stronger and stay healthy; you train their minds to be focused and hope that you are making them into focused confident men ready to go head to head with anyone who steps onto the matt.  I realize I am saying “focused” a lot but that is a term my athletes always hear me telling them as I try to drive it into their heads.

As you watch the video, you will see that there are so many things you can do with a tire sled.  This is one of my most valuable training tools that I have and the total cost to build one is about $7.00.  If you have any questions about this type of training or would like to leave a comment; hit the comments button and let your thoughts out.

Train with a purpose,


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Division 1 Head Strength Coach at Bucknell University, Specialize In The Art of Injury Prevention Training Techniques God Loving Family Man (Wife-Trina & 2 daughters-Alexis & Aleyda)

12 Responses to “Tire Sled Dragging”

  1. What distances were they travelling for each exercise?

    • Jack,
      Great question. Each exercise would be dragged around 40-60 yards. The tire does not drag smoothly on the road especially with a couple of 45 lb plates in it. Believe me 40-60 yards is a killer for the legs. The guys covered a lot of yards that morning!

  2. hi
    how did you make the tire sled?


    • I basically cut the rim of a tire on one side out. This allows plates to be placed down in the tire. I also drill two holes on the sides of the tire and place seat belt bolts and clips through the holes. Attach straps to the seat belt clips and you are ready to drag. I sell a DVD which shows you step by step exactly how I do this and it is later followed up with a lot of training exercises that I use with my athletes and clients.

  3. Ahhh–the good ‘ol days at Bucknell! I thought I would see my car (illegally) parked on the side. Jerry, keep up the great work!! I’m constantly trying to find new ways to train for twilight (wooden bat) baseball and other activities. Incredible stuff!

  4. Coach what are the athletes holding onto Rope?

    • No, it is more like a nylon woven strap, but rope would work just as well. The strapping material I get at walmart and it is much cheaper than rope. I think I paid about $3.75 for the strap. You can find it in the material section…well at least in the walmart near me.

  5. Because your video inspired me so much with the variety of what can be done with sled dragging I made 2 of these things. One with a wheel barrel and the other with a tire. The tire has more resistance. I took it for a pull in the back yard and the front yard for a combination of backward walking, front walking, some rows and some inverted rows. I did about 10 minutes of it and I was huffing and puffing. I intend to keep this going.

    How does sled dragging compare to distance running for running for 2-3 miles for cardio?

    • John,
      That is awesome! It is a surprise to most people how taxing a sled can be and how many different ways you can train with it. To answer your question, I think you can get in better shape faster training with a sled then running for 2-3 miles. I have never personally done any testing to prove this theory and I am unaware of any studies done on this but pretty sure if you did some homework you would fine info to support this.

  6. These are some awesome workouts, definatly trying these out. Thanks Alot Jerry!!!

  7. How do you make it so the plates don’t fall through the bottom or move around too much when dragging?

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