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Ending weight training sessions with groupings of exercises that challenge you, these are normally called finishers, is a great way to finish yourself off and also elevate that metabolism to burn off some extra calories.  These also are great to do as stand alone workouts and will boost your conditioning levels in a very short period of time.

My buddy Mike Whitfield put together a program called Workout Finishers 2.0 which includes 51 of these intense mini workouts.  He put together a group of videos of some of these circuits that I am going to share with you below.  These are great and very challenging.  Check them out-they are pretty awesome.

I do want to be perfectly straight with you first.  Mike helped promote my “Deceleration To Prevent ACL Tears-DVD & Manual” and I really wanted to help him by promoting this project he worked hard on.  Yes, I will get a commission from anyone who picks up this program and I will be honest, that money will help me pay for this site-so thank you in advance if you decide to buy it.  There is no pressure, the videos below alone share a bunch of good info.  If you do decide to buy it, this is what you will get:

Not only will you get 51 “plug and
play” finishers you can use with ANY workout, but you’ll also get a
FREE exclusive bonus, “Metabolic Chaos”.
This 4-week full workout program includes the infamous “Done in 21”
conditioning density circuit. You can even replace any of the
finishers in this exclusive program with one from the Workout
Ok, so there is the plug guys!  If you want to cheek it out, just click on any of the pictures of the products and the link will take you over to see more information about these great training products.  And yes, it is on sale but only for a very short time so don’t hesitate if you are interested!

Upper Body Finisher – The Triple Piston



Metabolic “Dosey Doe” Workout Finisher



Lower Body Ladder Finisher



Burpee Gauntlet Workout Finisher



One by One Metabolic Workout Finisher



Check out what you get with the entire Workout Finishers 2.0 system:


Density Finishers – These finishers use metabolic density training (MDT). You’ll discover how deep you can dig and squeeze out as many reps or rounds as you possibly can in a certain timeframe… in as little as 3 minutes. You’ll burn fat with “The Big Switch”, “The Metabolic 3-Way” and more.


Metabolic Circuit Finishers – In a nutshell, you’ll hit your entire body in 10 minutes or less with just enough recovery time. You’ll define NEW muscle with the “150 Madness Circuit”, the Seven-Eleven and more.


Ladder Finishers –With each of these finishers, you’ll be doing one less rep with every round. But sometimes… you go back up! Your belly fat doesn’t stand a chance with “The Metabolic Triple”, the “Metabolic Ladder 4 X 4” and more.


Gauntlet Finishers –Throughout the circuit, your stubborn fat will get hit with whatever exercise Mike assigns as the “gauntlet” and you’ll smoke your way through fat-burning circuits. You’ll discover the “Bulgarian Gauntlet”, the “Til Death Do Fat Apart” finisher and more.


Superset Finishers – Two exercises… that’s all you’ll use with these awesome finishers. But don’t let that fool you. These specialized two-exercise finishers use a variety of density methods, ladders, high rep sets and more to get insane results with just two exercises. You’ll create an addiction with the “Super Repper 200”, “Swingin’ Renegade” and more.


Upper Body Finishers – So you want to really start defining your arms, shoulders and chest? Do it in just a few minutes with these specialized finishers designed to chisel a lean and shredded upper body. You’ll do this with “The Armory”, the “Triple Piston” and more.


Lower Body Finishers – Wish you had lean and tight thighs and glutes but hate doing lower body workouts? That’s where the lower body finishers come in. You’ll sculpt lean and athletic legs with these lower body finishers, plus some bonus ab work to chisel your six-pack abs. Discover the “Bulgarian vs. Romanians”, the “Reverse Density Gauntlet” and more.


Finishers Exercise Library – You won’t go in blind with this program. Inside the manual, you’ll get detailed descriptions and photos for each exercise so you’ll know exactly how to perform these fat-burning finishers with great form. Not to mention, you’ll need them for Mike’s crazy exercises like the King Press, Burpee/X-Body Mountain Climber Combo and more.

Hope that helps!

To your health,



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